Amanda Johnson



My Experience

I fell in love with numbers when I was young and discovered accounting when I was in high school, but I took a detour through life that kept looping back around to numbers and bookkeeping but never allowed me to stop there. Now I am ready to exit the detour and get back on the right track for me, the bookkeeping track that allows me to help you stay on your track.


Growing up as a trucker's daughter and then becoming a trucker's wife, I know how demanding the transportation business can be. I ran the office for my father when he had his own trucking business, and also witnessed the stress my husband had when he managed 35+ drivers 24/7/365. I know the struggle you face as you try to balance workload with family demands, and I'm here to help you. 


My husband tells me that I want to travel more than anyone he knows. I believe you love to travel as well. Why should your clients be the ones seeing new places and having all the fun while you are stuck in the office keeping the books? Let me give you back your travel time.


Although transportation and travel are our main areas, we encourage you to contact us to see what we can do for your business. We are affiliated with a large network of bookkeepers, and if we are unable to help you effectively, we can guide you to a great bookkeeper who can.